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Tempered Glass Installation

When you need glass that is durable and maximizes safety and security, tempered glass is a great option for homes, schools, businesses, and other applications.

Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is used in a variety of applications including windows, partitions, and shelves. Two common types of durable glass are annealed and tempered. Annealed glass has been used for many years and is a great and less expensive option than tempered glass. But, when you need durability and want glass that will provide better safety, tempered glass is the way to go. Tempered glass undergoes a heat process during fabrication that makes it stronger than other glass types so you can have peace of mind that your newly installed glass will look great and provide protection for years to come.

Unlike other types of glass that shatter into tiny shards when they break, tempered glass is fabricated in such a way that it instead crumbles into dull cubes that pose less of a safety risk. The experienced team at AGD can custom fabricate and install tempered glass in any application. Let us help you determine what type of glass you need and expertly install it for a beautiful and strong end result.

Benefits Of

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is designed to be extremely durable and far less likely to break but it is not indestructible and unfortunately, accidents happen.

Tempered Glass Provides Long-Lasting Durability

Tempered glass is fabricated to be very strong and durable so you can rest assured that it will be a long-lasting investment.

Tempered Glass Maximizes Safety & Security

Tempered glass is fabricated in a way that makes it not only stronger but safer as well. When tempered glass is broken, it does not shatter into shards but instead crumbles into dull cubes which reduces the risk of injury and damage.

Professional Tempered Glass Fabrication & Installation

When professionally installed by the team at Arizona Glass & Door, it will be installed safely and correctly for enduring functionality and protection.

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Scott Cain

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Wow! Amazing residential glass installation service!  Our home got instantly cooler during the summer month.  It helped save on our energy bill and now when 5:00pm rolls around were comfortable in our home.  Thanks!

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Our office needed to get new windows replaced and AGD came through in a bind!  They came out same day and got measurements, quote and were able to get started faster than any company that we called.

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