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Custom Shower Doors

Professionally-installed shower doors and enclosures are customized to perfectly fit your space and enhance the beauty of your bathroom.

Shower Doors

Shower Doors

Whether you are remodeling your home or just want to give your bathroom a fresh look, a new shower door can transform your bathroom. Shower doors and enclosures are available in a wide array of styles including fully framed, semi-framed, hinge doors, sliding bypass doors, and more.

At AGD, we specialize in custom shower door and enclosure fabrication and installation. A perfect custom fit crafted by a professional keeps water in your shower which protects your bathroom and it also elevates the finished design of your bathroom. Our knowledgeable and skilled installers will listen to what you want to achieve and can offer suggestions based on our extensive experience. Then, we will then take the exact measurements of your space to ensure a perfect fit. Finally, we will expertly install your shower door and/or enclosure for a gorgeous end result.

Benefits Of

Custom Shower Doors

Your shower door serves an important functional purpose but it does more than that, it has a major impact on the overall look and feel of your bathroom.

Custom Fabricated Shower Doors & Enclosures

Your shower door or enclosure must be custom fabricated and fit for your space’s measurements to ensure it looks great and that water stays in the shower where it belongs - inside the shower!

Make the Most of Your Space with Custom Glass Shower Doors and Enclosures

Glass shower doors and enclosures allow more natural light and make bathrooms of any size feel more open and spacious.

Professional Shower Door Installation is Important!

Professional shower door installation is important for the safety of your bathroom because exact measurements are taken and installation is completed by an experienced craftsman that knows how to install it correctly for a durable, long-lasting, and beautiful final product.

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Scott Cain

Residential Tint

Wow! Amazing residential glass installation service!  Our home got instantly cooler during the summer month.  It helped save on our energy bill and now when 5:00pm rolls around were comfortable in our home.  Thanks!

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John Grenz


Our office needed to get new windows replaced and AGD came through in a bind!  They came out same day and got measurements, quote and were able to get started faster than any company that we called.

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