SRP Rebate

Get a rebate of $1 per square foot on professionally installed shade screens before April 30th, 2024. Here’s how

To qualify for a Shade Screen/Window Film Rebate:

  • You must be a permanent SRP residential electric customer.
  • You must install new or refurbished shade screens or apply window film that meet program requirements.
  • You must submit a completed rebate application and a dated copy of the paid invoice within six months of the installation date.
  • You must allow SRP or its agent to inspect the installed shade screens or window film to verify compliance with all rebate program requirements.
  • You must have the shade screens or window film installed by a contractor licensed to install shade screens or window film by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors.

To complete the rebate application:

  1. Complete the Customer Information section of the rebate application (Section A). – shade-screen-rebate-application.pdf (
  2. Have your contractor do the following:
  3. Mail the top copy of the completed rebate application and a copy of the dated paid invoice (showing the installation date, installation address, window orientation and square footage) to the following address:

SRP Shade Screen/Window Film Rebate Program 2702 N. Third St., Suite 2020 Phoenix, AZ 85004

  1. Retain this page, a copy of your invoice and a copy of the completed rebate application for your records.

For more information about this program or assistance in completing your rebate application, call (602) 266-7283.


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